Friday, February 14, 2014


In another district-wide display of teacher unity, FTA members congregated at their sites before the beginning of the school day on February 13th.   Members wore black and proudly wore stickers that read, "Count Me In!" to show their support for their Bargaining team.   This post just shows some of the images from just three sites in the Bullard area.

Bullard High School

Slater and Starr Elementary Schools

I make that at least SEVENTY-FIVE strong teaching professionals in black!   Great job!   In fact, there were so many teachers at my site that a student from the school newspaper (the Charger) interviewed me, to ask what all the fuss was about:

The high level of participation is very comparable to what we saw on Feb. 3rd, our 'Day of Mourning.'   

This was Hoover High's cafeteria on that day:

How many teachers in this picture can you find NOT wearing black?   Great job, Hoover area.

And here's what the Roosevelt-area gathering looked like:

Darker room, and....lots of people, wearing dark clothes and the FTA message!

Here are more pictures from elementary school sites:

 Fresno Unified, are you paying attention?

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